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The connection collection is the first collection I made. These artworks are based on the ‘failed seats’ as mentioned at ‘art’.

The concept behind is about borders. These borders are getting more interesting when there’s an interaction between the two area’s, like the sea that meets the beach and then pulls back. This transition is about binding, connecting and sharing. This collection visualizes the interaction between people who are linked in a certain way, which can be superficial but also profound. When you meet new people, you are always looking for things in common. Similarities in interests, family or friends, cultural backgound. Similarities in your identities where you can build your relationship on.

Two wooden frames are connected to each other with the loose hanging ribbons, the things you have in common. The frames are normally hanging 10 cm apart from each other, but you can adjust this to your own taste. The length of the ribbons in between is as long as the width of the frame plus 9 cm (three times the thickness of the frames), so you can fold the frames into a flat package which makes it easy to transport and store.

Before I start I choose the size of the frames and the colours. The colours are often inspired by an image, a place or nature for example. Most of the time you’ll find this inspiration back in the name of the artwork. This work is not calculated in advance, but made by just doing it.